Specialty Automotive Brokerage Services

About us

Located in Southwestern Ohio,  Select Automotive Group LLC was founded on the passion of automotive enthusists with an eye for detail and perfection. 

We specialize in search, procurement and brokerage services of pre-owned vehicles of performance, luxury or classic variety ranging from daily drivers to investment quality examples - but can be extended to nearly any make or model.  

Why Select Automotive Group?

  • Lower cost: Our closed, private approach eliminates the need for an open retail format and large inventory levels and overhead, saving our clients considerable markup found in a typical  "dealer"  environment.


  • Exceptionally clean, high-quality inventory: We closely scrutinize and inspect each vehicle to insure it meets our highest standards.  Our inventory is often sourced from the south-eastern United States which avoids the damage, wear and corrosion caused by harsh winter driving.  


  • Professional approach: As a Select Automotive Group client, you will experience a customized, one-on-one relationship that eliminates typical high pressure sales tactics.  You will become an integral part of the search and procurement process and our expertise will help ensure you find the right vehicle at the right price.

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